Online Beatboxschool

Learn beatbox online

Beginner lessons:

If you have not much/no beatbox experience at all, you can learn it from the very beginning. You will learn some basic sounds, the basic principals of beatbox and how to make a good beat with the basic standard sounds.

Advanced lessons:

If you already have some experience & beatbox skills, then you can choose this category. You will get some lessons to improve your skills (learning advanced sounds, technical combos, putting structure in your music…).

Private lessons:

Both of the above categories are available in private mode. You can choose a topic where you want to work on. The lessons will be adapted to your ability.

To enter the online course please go below to the buy now button. The access link will be send through mail and the entire course will be held through discord. If there are any questions or issues please head over to the contact form.

ALERT: Basic & advanced lessons are group workshops of maximum 15 persons! For individual education, go to private lessons.
The prices are 1 person per chosen hour, go to the checkout to edit the number of persons.

Choose your lesson: