Biography picture

  • My name is Tim Gustaaf Felicien Van Droogenbroeck, born 13/08/1998 in Aalst & raised in Denderleeuw.

  • I went to elementary school KCD and graduated in high school in Social-Technological Sciences at Atheneum Denderleeuw.

  • I discovered beatbox for the first time when I was 14 years old through the internet. but before that I was playing games, watching movies and learning magic tricks. But it was beatbox that actually rescued me through my difficult school period when I was constantly faced with my diagnosed autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

  • My first professional experience as a beatboxer was my participation in the belgian beatbox championship in 2014 where I ended in the top 16 of the best beatboxers in Belgium.

  • I became extremely motivated to become better in my profession and to expand my knowledge and skills. I am still pursuing my goals and expanding my skills to this day. Please have a look at my portfolio to see my current goals I achieved.